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The Summer cocktail crystal minaudière

The Crystal clutch or Minaudière comes in three bright and colorful hues, hot pink, hot purple, hot red. The inside lining is made of an elegant silky material and the crystal opening clasp makes this piece a beautiful fashion statement. We love and recommend it as the price is very affordable and can hold a […]

Be the Statement: Pastel Bags

Our Pastel bucket satchel lends low maintenance to high style. Work it into an eclectic wardrobe of prints, pastel and simple patterns, or carry it as a statement style against head to toe black!!!! BE THE STATEMENT!!! Enjoy FREE SHIPPING in the USA until February 29th, 2016!!!

Chic and Effortless Style

Bright pinks and floral patterns, this collection brings the exquisite to the everyday with a juxtaposition of artistic flourishes, bright pinks, violets and feminine details. To top it all off, this satchel comes with a removable makeup pouch!!!! To embellish this look we have included our gorgeous pink crystal jewelry piece. Can also be found […]

Purple Impulse

  Your destination to indulge every impulse. The purple Seau satchel with super bold colors for a super bold look.. One daring satchel transforms your look. The Seau handbag is adorned with two golden zippers on the sides and a removable makeup pouch. This color comes out of feeling happy, spring bound and joyful. We […]

A vision in scarlet and Flashes of Red Flame: The Signature Collection

Our bold color story with a vision in scarlet:  The Signature Collection!!!! Lavishly crimson and gold hues make this collection so daring and passionate. The triangular side shapes add a step of cosmopolitan cool while holding your iPads and electronic essentials. When you know a handbag was sketched and  fully designed, it completely changes the […]

My Favorite Item

Green luxuries is all about inventive extravagance. Take some risks, carry a wild green satchel with velvet hues and MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS!!!! Enjoy FREE SHIPPING int he USA until February 29th, 2016.

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